– Industrial waste (textile, fabric, wood, paper, etc.), mixed with hard object (big steel, aluminum, brick, stone, etc.).
– No organic waste.


– Product dimension is less than 100mm
– Applications for thermal power plants, cement factories, etc.


– Suitable for unsorted waste.
– Compact, flexible.
– No secondary waste emission.


Solution 1: Complex mixed industrial waste treatment..
– The system is a combination of shredding machine with disc screen. The good product is through the screen and go out. The rest comes back shredding again.
– Almost products pass the requirements.
– The throughput up to 12 t/h, depending on production conditions.

Overview of Complex mixed industrial waste treatment.

Solution 2: Simple mixed industrial waste treatment
– In case MSW has less impurity, One-step Scorpio shredder can complete the mission.
– The rate of good products is between 20 from 80%.