Shredding machine Libra 1500

High throughput capacity from up to 8 t/h
Fraction sizes from 70mm.
Operating 3 shifts/day.
Energy saving, maximum efficiency.
Easy to maintain and service.

  • The Libra 1500 series is a highly efficient single-shaft mill where materials need to be crushed.
  • High productivity, up to 8t / h, product size from 70mm.
  • Flexible adaptation to different input materials.
  • Energy saving with Inverter technology.
  • Safe and reliable: with mechanical and electrical protection, minimizing damage in case of emergency. Operation is friendly, easy with the touch screen.
  • Maintenance is easy, convenient with the Ergonomic design.
  • Solid, low-vibration construction guarantees an advantage in cutting difficult materials



Dimension 3,8 x 2,4 x 3,3 m
Weight 12 ton
Rated capacity/power 135kW
Volttage 3 pha, 380V / 50Hz
Speed 60 rpm
Length of rotor 1500 mm
Throughput Max 6 ton/h
Required particle size < 100mm


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