Bag opening machine

  • High throughput capacity of up to 50 t/h
  • Low maintenance and operational costs
  • Easy to retrofit into existing facility
  • Does not damage bagged contents
  • Clean-out doors on two sides for easy access and maintenance

The Bag Breaker is a highly effective bag-opening technology that eliminates the need for manual bag openers, it is to split open the bags of MSW(Municipal Solid Waste) and supply the MSW to the waste treatment system continuously. The machine is fed batchwise by a front loader, bagged material is fed into the Bag Breaker with an in-feed conveyor to achieve an evenly-metered flow rate. Large, counter-rotating drums effectively open the bags and release the contents, which are discharged from the bottom of the machine. The bag breaker with the applied design method allows you to tear and empty 90% of the bags without cutting or damaging the contents. The design is easy to use and can be used for municipal solid waste (fraction up to 300-400 mm), organic waste, mixed materials in bags, waste paper in bags. Depending on customer requirements, it is completed with conveyors for loading and unloading material.


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Dimension 2.6×2.3×2.5m
Weight 4 ton
Rated capacity/power 7.5 kW, 1.5 kW
Volttage 3 pha, 380V / 50Hz
Throughput 10 ton/h


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